Water Sports and Activities, You Can Enjoy in Phuket

Water Sports and Activities, You Can Enjoy in Phuket

There are countless things you can do to enjoy this beautiful paradise called Phuket fully. Today we would like to go through, as many as possible, fun water sports and adventurous activities you can enjoy while spending a relaxing time on the island.


While Phuket might not give you a giant wave to surf, it is friendly to beginners learning how to surf. Rental shops are available and easy to find. Nai Harn beach and Kata beach are recommended as waves are only as high as 3 meters, making it very decent for new surfer.


Phuket’s sea is a world-class diving spot recommended by professional divers around the world. The water is very clear, and the coral reef is so abundant to enjoy. For a newbie, many license instructors are providing an affordable course. Day trips are also a good choice for those who just want to relax on the boat and enjoy snorkeling in shallow water. The trip operator will take you right from the hotel early in the morning and return by the end of the day.


You have to be very cautious with this activity as there were so many tourists getting scammed. The scam works by the scammer hiring out a damaged jet ski, and when you return it, they will try to extort you for money. Asking the concierge or staff at the hotel for legit rental shops is a good idea.


You can basically enjoy this activity everywhere, at your hotel’s swimming pool or nearby beaches. The best time is between 4-6 PM. A topless sunbath is possible, but you might want to do it at a less busy beach such as Nui Beach, which is only a 10-minute drive from our VIP Thailand’s VIP MERCURY and VIP Galaxy project.

Kayaking at Hay Island

This one is unique. Hay Island is located only 15 minutes from Phuket. The island is a secret spot for those who like to experience shallow coral reefs and excellent snorkeling. We want to suggest Banana beach as there are so many things you can do. You can even walk from the beach for snorkeling and see colorful and beautiful fishes. Translucent kayak is also available for rent to add more excitement to your experience.


Many operators offer a one-day tour that will bring you to various islands. You can enjoy water activities or sunbathe on their boat. It provides excellent and luxurious variations to enjoy the Phuket sea. The tour usually includes lunch, diving equipment, a local guide, and insurance.

Watching Sunset

The most famous and the best viewpoint for sunset in Phuket is at Promthep Cape, which is only three minutes from our VIP Mercury and VIP Galaxy projects. The best time to watch the sunset is around 6 PM. But you might want to early as it is very highly popular for tourists and locals.

Seafood Market Tour

It is easy to find a seafood market in Phuket. But the one at Rawai Beach is very authentic and fresh from the sea as locals are working in fishery businesses. You can explore a variety of seafood at a relatively low price, and some shops will even cook them for free. It is like street food but for seafood only. You cannot find any seafood market better than Rawai Beach, which is very close to our VIPThailand’s project.

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