Our Story

To Become the Best Life Service Provider in Thailand

VIP THAILAND is one of the top developers of comprehensive service quality in Thai vacation housing enterprises. Its strategic layout is based on Phuket island, which has the highest comprehensive score in Thailand. With an international perspective, the group continuously explores new methods, centers on user needs, integrates the spirit of craftsmen, carefully polishes products, establishes an ideal living environment, and creates the ultimate user experience.

From the beginning of our first brand project, VIP THAILAND knew that a sentimental and vibrant building should bear a return to the meaning of life. It integrates natural landscape and architectural art. It allows the house to have its own ideas, pacify the wandering soul, and allows its owner to finally start to enjoy life and understand its meaning.


“We build more than houses; we create a pure and desirous environment so that one’s life can be filled with a love and fantasy for life. Cultivating this while also allowing for an easy return to a simple and secure home is our ultimate aim.”

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Land Reserve

Strong capital strength with rich land reserves of over 200,000 square meters and highly sustainable development capabilities.

Real Estate Development

We currently have 4 projects for sale with 4 more in the planning phase. We aim to create 3 new developments each year moving forward, each in a desirable and stunning part of the island.

Hotel Operation

Our hotel operation is managed by La Vita Hotel Management who has agreed to strategic cooperation with Wyndham, one of the world’s leading hospitality companies.

Butler Service

Providing the ultimate butler service for travelers including translation, travel arrangements, tourist information, and anything else clients require during their stay.

Service Team

Our service team is based in Thailand, but we plan to open new branches in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Chengdu, and Foshan.

Resource Integration

As an executive member of the Phuket Real Estate Association, we help strategically align the Phuket hospitality services to achieve strength in unity and ensure excellence in customer experience.


Customer-centered, Duty, Responsibility, and Progress

Eight categories of internal control quality standards. VIP THAILAND has strict quality control over its development projects. An authoritative professional quality control team has been set up internally, which regularly monitors the data and quality of the project, and repeatedly deliberates on the implementation of every detail to ensure the safety and warmth of the home to every owner.

We meet: Sources of danger evaluation standard, civil engineering quality standard Elevator system quality standards, security intelligent system quality standards Clean water quality standards, door and window function quality standards Garden landscape quality standards, fine decoration engineering quality standards.