VIP THAILAND | Four service systems to build your overseas home

VIP THAILAND,located in Phuket,has always adhered to the business concept of “only for a better life”, committing to meeting your living needs. Setting up a steward type service with all-round details to provide travel services, entertainment services, living services and customized services, despite abroad, feeling warm and felicity.
Language service
VIP THAILAND staff have various language service of Chinese, Thai, English and Russian. We provide WeChat customer service online translation, telephone translation, VIP Thai language learning lessons and other services. We will try our best to meet your needs no matter a short-term tourism or settle in Thailand.

Transportation arrangements
With a beautiful view of Phuket, it can greatly save the time on the road if drive yourself. You don’t have to worry about the trips and just have fun, because VIP THAILAND provides free pick-up and drop-off, point-to-point car-calling service, chartered car, car rental and other services. In addition, we also provide the service to get a driver’s license, pass license exam guidance services for the convenience in Phuket.

One-click reservation
Just make a telephone appointment then we can arrange everything for your nice trip in Phuket, no matter you want to enjoy golfing, yachting, or diving to Similan Island.

Customization tour routes
VIP THAILAND designs customization tour routes for different customers, based on the fully developed Phuket’s tourism resources. Parent-child tours, golf parent-child tours, international diving licenses, masters of bartending masters and any other routes that you want to try are available.

Visa processing
Thailand has so many kinds of visas, but we will recommend visitors to transact interrelated visas based on your needs, such as student visas, work visas, pension visas, and tourist visas, so that you can easy to come to Thailand

Overseas education
VIP THAILAND enables you to get a better overseas educational resources in Phuket. We provide the choice of institutions, study aboard plans, and develop the application plan for you, covering pre-school education, kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, high school and university. Studying abroad will be more convenient and efficient.

Medical equipment
Thailand has a superior medical environment, with the reputation of “The First World Service, The Third World Price”. You can enjoy the Bangkok Hospital Medical Center branch service, as well as international project experience, the training of sleep, mouth and brain cognitive etc.

Gourmet feast
Thai food is unforgettable. How to enjoy the delicious food is a knowledge? VIP THAILAND has close cooperation with many local restaurants, so we can make suggestions to improve the taste of the food according to your needs. We promise you can have a good time whether in a popular restaurant or a specialty restaurant.

Wedding or anniversary party planning service
An island wedding is the dream of many people. Such as Lin Zhiying, Yi Nengjing, Zhang Zilin and other popular stars, who also choose to hold a wedding in Phuket. The professional wedding planners can achieve an immediate communication for site selection, wedding photography, process control and other professional services. The only thing for you is to be the happiest couple.

Annual meeting planning service
Professionals will follow up and provide multiple options for accommodation, travel, catering and else, to create a unique annual feast for your company.

VIP THAILAND cherishes the encounter with each customer, fully integrating all kinds of resources in Phuket, constantly innovating and extending the service connotation. So that everyone can enjoy the intimate, reassuring and easy steward type service, and feels greatly respected before and after arriving at the island.