VIP Mercury building 1-4 Structure completed

VIP THAILAND builds the value benchmark of Phuket property

On the afternoon of December 20, 2018, the 1-4 building capped ceremony and the appreciation party are successfully held at the Sale Center of VIP Mercury in Phuket.
Who participated in the grand event? The one who witnessing the glory moment of VIP Mercury are the head of the Rawai district, the head of the police department, the former governor, the executive director of VIP THAILAND Mrs. prapaporn Huang, the general manager of the project Xu Nan, the chief architect consultant Mr. PornChaiSeasin, and the well-known local agency in Phuket, as well as our owners,customers, medias etc. with attention and support us for a long time.

Glory completed, tribute to Phuket

On the scene of VIP Mercury, the project manager of VIP THAILAND, Kraijitti Jensapphakit and General Manager Xu Nan, gave a speech and reviewed the details of VIP Mercury. Along the way, with respect and redemption of the land, the project team refine and optimize the design by numerous times, just to present the best VIP Mercury to everyone. At the same time, thanks for customers’ long-term trust and companionship. We believe that in the future, VIP Mercury will be able to accompany you with a good time in Phuket.

The district governor of Rawai District also places high hopes on VIP Mercury,and expresses great recognition for the project in this attention representing the government. With excellent design concept and construction quality, he hopes that in the future, it will become a name card in Rawai District. VIP THAILAND can continue to develop high-quality projects for the contribution of the Rawai District and even Phuket development.

Around 18:10, the exciting pouring ceremony was officially started. The district governor of Rawai District, the executive director of VIP THAILAND, the general manager of development, and the representatives’ owners participated in the pouring ceremony. This means the construction of the 1-4th building representing VIP Mercury officially entering a new phase.

Crazy about Christmas with beer and funny

Thanks the owners and friends from all walks of life for their support of VIP THAILAND, we have carefully prepared a Christmas thank you party after the capping ceremony. We hope that you can feel the warmth and romance of overseas homes with music and professional service.

During the party, we also prepared a generous gift, a one-night stay at the five-star hotel ——Kalimain Resort, one-day trip to Similan, a delicious dinner for two at the cliff restaurant, and a two-night stay at Grand VIP KATA, as well as hand-filled gifts with Thai characteristics, which makes the guests come and reap the rewards.
Some owners said that VIP Mercury is growing at a very fast pace, they are full of confidence in the future of VIP THAILAND, and look forward to staying in the new house.
Seiko quality, excellent achievement

As a rare large-scale sea view apartment project in Phuket, VIP Mercury project volume, structural design, superior location, excellent view of the sea on three sides, and the tiered water wrap-around gardens that are popular among the owners, which is bound to become a model for the works of five-star hotels in Phuket in the further.

VIP THAILAND requires the construction team to strictly follow the level of building quality and construction specifications far above the ordinary industry standards, and is also preparing for the better image VIP Mercury The 1-4 buildings will be successfully completed, and the construction team will speed up the construction of the 5-8 building while ensuring the quality. According to the project planning, complete the capping as scheduled or ahead of schedule!

VIP THAILAND Only for a better life

The glory of the cap is not only a happy moment for VIP Mercury and the owners, but also a milestone for VIP THAILAND to create a boutique resort in Phuket. In the future, VIP THAILAND plans to develop 3-5 high-quality projects every year, broaden the development vision to other cities in Thailand, and even the whole of Southeast Asia. With the ultimate craftsman spirit, we will forge the best of life and create high-quality real estate projects that meet the beautiful human experience, to present a more beautiful life for customers around the world.