The Best Medical Tourism in Thailand by VIPThailand

The Best Medical Tourism in Thailand by VIPThailand

Thailand is a vastly famous country for the generosity and harmony of its people. While one of the top tourism destinations with beautiful sandy beaches and historical places, the country is also well known for its excellent medical and wellness accessibility and affordability.
Wellness and medical tourism in Thailand are world-renowned. The business is still growing and expanding throughout the country, especially in highly targeted destinations such as Pattaya, Hua Hin, Chiang Mai, and Phuket.

Why People Around the World Seek After Medical Treatment in Thailand?

The country has been invested in medical infrastructure and education, producing many well-equipped hospitals and medical professionals throughout the kingdom. Thailand is the forefront of being an Asian medical hub and wellness resort of the world, impressing many visitors who seek high quality and affordable treatment.

Moreover, wellness services from the Thais are also well-received by locals and foreign visitors around the world. There are a variety of wellness activities to enhance travel experiences and support a healthy lifestyle for everyone. Many resorts and hotels in Thailand also focus and dedicate its services toward wellness treatment as a recreational option. Luxury resorts in tourist hotspots offer wellbeing sessions such as massage and beauty therapy while some businesses gear toward Muay Thai and dieting consultation as a wellness alternative.

Combine with stunningly elegant sunshine and pearly white sandy seashore of the Andaman, and these previously mentioned features will surely relax your medical treatment. Phuket offers visitors an exquisite sea, beautiful sightseeing, and necessary facilities such as Phuket International Airport, Shopping Centers, and other entertaining activities. Hotels and resorts are very competitive with their pricing and packages promotion emphasizing the affordability of services.

Safest Country for the Virus

The country is recently eying for a plan to reopen its border to welcome foreigners and medical tourists into the country.

In the right time of holiday season, i.e., Christmas and New Year, many Europeans have been ready to book Thailand for their destination for this historically pandemic year snowbird trip. Although many sunny countries in the region have tried to combat the virus, none stands out by its performance as Thailand does. Due to strict measures, including nation-wide promotion for masks and social distancing, the country is now overcoming the pandemic and ready to welcome tourists. It guarantees Thailand’s reputation for being one of the best medical tourism destinations in the world.

The immigration and screening process might be a little busier during the pandemic due to additional measures. Medical tourism visitors will have to comply with hospital quarantine for 14 days as regular tourists will stay in quarantine for 14 days at designated places in Phuket.

With splendid tourist attractions, high-grade and affordable health services, and efficient measures to control the outbreak, Thailand becomes the best country for medical and wellness tourism.

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Choose one of our luxurious resorts from VIPThailand, including Wyndham la vita and VIP Galaxy, located just 20 minutes away from Dibuk Hospital. Incredible sunset and a calming sound of the sea are a perfect combination of medical tourism in Phuket, and it will be the best recovery treatment you could have ever asked for. There are also Bangkok Hospital Phuket and Bangkok Hospital Siriroj available to serve your medical needs.

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