VIP GALAXY · Four Cities Linkage · The first stop Shenzhen Promotion Conference completed successfully!

The VIP GALAXY Star Villa in Phuket is very popular among Chinese customers after being officially launched in September. In order to let the interested parties in China have a more comprehensive and close understanding of star villas, VIP THAILAND Group launched the VIP GALAXY Star Villa Promotion Conference in Shenzhen, Chengdu, Foshan and Shanghai. On October 28th, Shenzhen, a high-net-worth individual area, which is close to Hong Kong and Macao, launched its first stop, and successfully completed in the Marco Polo Hotel of Shenzhen!

VIP GALAXY Shenzhen Promotion Conference

Mr. Lin, Marketing Manager of VIP THAILAND Group, introduces VIP GALAXY Star Villa from the design, the five-star facilities project, the international medical and educational facilities and the beautiful living environment of Phuket. He also made a detailed analysis of the trend of Thai real estate investment.

In addition, VIP THAILAND Group invited Gu Hongbo and Tao Wenjie, two prominent real estate media in Shenzhen, to give a detailed analysis of China’s property market, the advantages of Thai property, and the solutions to how to protect assets in middle class and high net worth in the context of RMB depreciation environment.

Five factors of optimistic about Phuket property from Real estate practitioners Gu Hongbo

Gu Hongbo comprehensively analyzed that in the era of 7, investing in Phuket property is a safe choice in the asset defense war. He predicted that the number of Chinese tourists in Phuket will increase steadily from 3 million to 4 million even to 5 million in the next few years. Demand for Chinese hotels, leasing and properties increasing continuously, investors will be greater guarantee in earnings.

With stable political situation and stable exchange rate, Thailand is close with China

In the context of Sino-US trade friction, there is still a greater possibility of strategic depreciation of RMB in the long run. Thailand’s political situation and exchange rate have been relatively stable, and the “One Belt, One Road” policy has brought China-Thailand closer.

Thailand becomes a bridgehead for Chinese enterprises to enter the Southeast Asia

Previously, Chinese enterprises mostly used Singapore as a strategic location for Southeast Asia. In the recent years when China-Singapore relations have undergone subtle changes, a large number of Chinese enterprises will have to take Thailand as a strategic base with good relations with China and the United States.
Hainan Island purchase limit, the northern holiday demand turned to Thailand

The purchase limit in Hainan island will lead to a considerable part of holiday-oriented property buyers in northeast and north China turning to Phuket island, which is more cost-effective.

Some area like Canada, Australia restrict Chinese purchases

Countries such as Australia and Canada have begun to restrict Chinese investment in buying houses, which will also lead to a shift in demand for overseas home purchases to Thailand, which is more cost-effective.

The number of Chinese tourists will increase steadily and rental income will be stable

Phuket, a true international tourist island, is one of the most prosperous cities in Thailand. It attracts more than 13 million tourists worldwide each year, among which Chinese only account for more than 3 million. The quality properties here will have a very stable tourist source, with a 7% annual rental return.

The founder of Wenjie Tao Building – Tao Wenjie: Thailand’s property market is a safer choice

Tao Wenjie, a leader of Shenzhen local real estate, analyzes the stability of investing in Thai real estate at the meeting from the Southeast Asian real estate risk factors. He believes that the housing market opportunities in Southeast Asia depend on the size of the population and the demographic dividend, as well as the stage of development of these countries. The number of the population in Southeast Asian countries is huge; the population structure is young, and the population concentration is high. Large cities tend to possess a population of 10-15 million, and these countries are developing countries. Similar to previous China, it may contain huge market opportunities.