Star Villa· Four Cities Linkage | The second stop Chengdu· Southwest Regional Conference completed successfully!

On November 3rd, “PHUKET VIP GALAXY Star Villa Southwest Regional Conference” was successfully concluded at Chengdu Mingyu Haoya Hotel, which means the VIP GALAXY Star Villa Four City Linkage Chengdu China Station successfully completed!

The conference was officially unveiled at the VIP GALAXY Star Garden in Southwest China. The event attracted real estate elites and media from Sichuan, Chongqing, Guizhou, Yunnan, etc. the new and old owners of VIP THAILAND Group and wealthy people who pay close attention to the overseas investment. When the people came to the scene, they showed great investment enthusiasm for Phuket, and deeply recognized the product quality of VIP GALAXY Star Villa and the new life concept advocated by it.

Ms. Liu Ying, head of VIP THAILAND Group Chengdu Branch, said that VIP THAILAND Group established a branch office in Chengdu in 2017 and is centered in Chengdu. The market business gradually spreads across the Southwest. VIP THAILAND Group connects users with “Real Estate + Service”, committed to creating a lifestyle that is the most beautiful and the best in life for valuable and happiness overseas real estate. The launch of the southwest new products in Chengdu will create more possibilities for overseas investment in Southwest China.

VIP GALAXY Star Villa officially unveiled in the southwestern part of China

After the first global conference of VIP GALAXY Star Villa in Beijing, we have received a large number of consultations and reservations from customers in Southwest China. The official appearance in the Southwest has made the response even stronger. At the event, Mr. Aren, Marketing Director of VIP THAILAND China and Senior Research Expert of Overseas Real Estate, gave a detailed introduction to VIP GALAXY Star Villa, and shared and discussed with guests deeply on issues such as overseas investment environment, return on home income, and international medical education.

As a core city in western China and an international gateway hub, the development of Chengdu is changing rapidly. Chengdu’s investment thinking and vision are also expanding. The overseas investment market is huge, and the demand for its high-end home buyers is becoming more diversified. Overseas properties purchase are becoming the one of the most important needs of Chengdu citizens and other citizens in the Southwest. VIP GALAXY Star Villa has entered the Southwest market with its modern and fashionable design style, luxurious and comprehensive supporting facilities, professional and intimate butler service and cost-effective investment income. It will become one of the rare choices for investors.

The old customers of VIP THAILAND project shared the investment experience on the site.

The event also invited the old owner, Mr. Dai, to share the experience and sentiment of Phuket Real Estate, and to review the acquaintance with VIP THAILAND Group. Mr. Dai mentioned that the VIP THAILAND Group advocated the concept of “only for a better life”, and Chengdu’s slogan, a city that you don’t want to leave when you come. In essence, the two concepts express the same beautiful expectations for life. The design thinking, perfect matching and return on investment of Star Villa are in line with the preferences of Chengdu people. The slow-paced life of Phuket not only has the same leisure and leisure feelings as Chengdu, but also has passionate and romantic on the island. Therefore, having a cost-effective sea villa along mountain in Phuket, is bound to be the best choice for the most Chengdu people who love to travel and invest.

Starry Villa VR Experience

As a rare luxury villa complex in Phuket, Star Villa has a single-family and townhouse product with a building area of about 206-313 square meters, breaking through the constraints of Phuket’s existing architectural style, with the romantic atmosphere of modern simplicity and starry sky, defined the new villa style of Phuket. As the first real estate developer in Phuket to use virtual reality VR technology, in order to provide customers with a better experience and restore the most realistic inter-model delivery environment, VIP THAILAND Group has repeatedly updated the VR model room, which enables customer to know about the project intuitively and comprehensively and choose the favorite type of apartment. As a result, VR model room technology experience once received a lot of attention from the guests!

In addition, desserts, wine and fine gifts are also prepared at the event site for everyone. Here, we would especially appreciate VIP THAILAND’s strategic partner, Georgia’s well-known wine brand Bada Goni and the basic principles of Chinese skin care brands.