VIP GALAXY · Four Cities Linkage | The third stop Foshan Appreciation Conference ended successfully!

On November 3rd, “PHUKET VIP GALAXY Star Villa Southwest Regional Conference” was successfully concluded at Chengdu Mingyu Haoya Hotel, which means the VIP GALAXY Star Villa Four City Linkage Chengdu China Station successfully completed!
The conference was officially unveiled at the VIP GALAXY Star Garden in Southwest China. The event attracted real estate elites and media from Sichuan, Chongqing, Guizhou, Yunnan, etc. the new and old owners of VIP THAILAND Group and wealthy people who pay close attention to the overseas investment. When the people came to the scene, they showed great investment enthusiasm for Phuket, and deeply recognized the product quality of VIP GALAXY Star Villa and the new life concept advocated by it.

Phuket Real Estate VS Guangfo Real Estate
The high net worth of Guangfo, which has a similar coastal living environment with the VIP GALAXY villa in Phuket, pays more attention to the policies and prices of Thai real estate. The marketing manager——Mr Lin, through the comparison between the VIP GALAXY Villa and the Guangfo Real Estate, gradually analyzed the investment difference between the two for the on-site customers.
Mr Lin said: “For example, your investment budget is 3.5 million yuan, you can buy a 313㎡ Villa with freehold, but you just can buy a 160 ㎡with 70 property in Foshan, if you choose Guangzhou, the area will not more than 100 ㎡.”The customers were surprised by the difference in investment income between them. The annual revenue of VIP GALAXY Villa is as high as 7%, while Guangfo District is only about 1.4%.

In the era of rapid economic development and everyone crazy about holidays, the trend of tourism real estate is also accelerating, and it has begun to occupy the Thai real estate market, especially in tourist cities such as Phuket. After introducing the VIP GALAXY Villa project, Mr Lin analyzed the advantages of investing in Phuket from various aspects such as living environment, land resources, tourist volume and charter income.