Seven Factors Why You MUST choose Thailand For Your Next Trip.

Seven Factors Why You MUST choose Thailand For Your Next Trip.


As a Thai, we have been taught since a very young age to be kind to one another and respect the elders. We ‘Wai’ each other as a way of greeting and to show respect. Although Buddhism is the most prominent religion in the country, Thais of all religions lived together peacefully. That is why many visitors around the world love Thailand and always make a revisit to this wonderful country. People are genuinely nice and friendly.


Land of Smile is not a self-proclaim title, but a well-deserved one. Famous for their friendliness and generosity, Thais are known and renowned around the world. No matter what religion, sexual orientation, or race, the people of this country welcome all with warmly smile. Thai culture also accepts differences in genders. If you are a member of LGBTQ, do not hesitate to visit Thailand. You are welcomed.


Pad Thai (Thai style Fried Noodles), Tom Yum Goong (Spicy Shrimp Soup), Som Tum (Spicy Green Papaya Salad). These are examples of famous and delicious Thai dishes. Thai cuisines have complex flavors and textures. As a Thai myself, I do not think I have tried all Thai dishes yet. The menu varies with its regions. Each contains unique cultures and techniques of its own. A chilly and creamy taste of Khao Soi (Curry noodles) from the north. A spicy Larb (meat salad) of the Issan region. The strong scent of fermented fish in Kaeng Tai Pla (Fish soup) of the south.

I don’t even start talking about various street food available everywhere in the country yet. They are super healthy too so you can take it in without worry.


There are three seasons in Thailand. They are hot, super hot, and oh my god it’s hot. That is a joke when we are discussing weather here. The country is located near an equator line, so it is pretty hot most of the time. That is the reason why so many European love to visit Thailand as a snowbird fleeing the cold winter. The weather is comfortable enough for tourists to explore every region all year long. You can suntan in Phuket from March to May. Hiking a challenging Phu Kradueng from October to February. Strolling street market in Chiang Mai. Thailand’s weather is ideal for travellers and explorers.


Who would not like the sea? Everyone loves the sea and Thailand has the best of it. With white beautiful sandy shore with a rich coral reef and aquatic wildlife, the southern sea of Thailand is undeniably and stunningly glorious.


Nowadays, social media might make you think that the world is more dangerous than ever before. As a Thai person, I can assure you that the crime here is relatively rare. Petty theft such as pickpocketing is general in the tourist area, so keep your belonging in your eyesight should be okay. Do a little research on the place you want to go to beforehand; your journey will be fine. Main danger might be Bangkok traffics and riding a motorcycle. Just be careful when you are at it.


There is no place or country on earth that can match affordability that Thailand has to offer. A regular European tourist can spend and enjoy the country from the northern to the south end for months without worry. Many Japanese retirees have decided to live in Thailand, especially in Chiang Mai.

It is a great country to invest in. the political climate is very stable compared to other countries around. Whether it is opening up new company branches, a new factory, or a luxury real estate, Thailand got you covered.

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