NUI BEACH, your secret backyard. 10 minutes drive away from VIPThailand

NUI BEACH, your secret backyard

Imagine a secret sandy paradise where it makes you feel like you are the owner. The feeling of the pearl-white sand is your mattress, and warm sunlight becomes your natural lamp. A series of the wave is echoing a relaxing sound for you to sleep. An illusion of mirage on the horizon leaves you to wonder if everything you see now is a reality. These are everything Nui Beach has to offer as you pay a visit.

Nui Beach is a newly discovered beach on Phuket island. The lagoon becomes a tourist hotspot for its privacy and offers many incredibly stunning photoshoot views. Some tourists like to compare the beach to a gorgeous Bali in Indonesia. The place contains several check-ins points and props for those who like to take a stunning and sometimes sexy picture of themselves in bikini and post them on social media. Such are oval-shape bamboo nests, a copycat version of the popular ‘Bali Swing,’ etc. there are also a few local restaurants is selling food and drink throughout the day. Instagram fans would really enjoy these features.

Snorkeling to witness the beauty of corals and fish, enjoying kayaking, and spending time relaxing by sunbathing in the late afternoon will fully complete your Nui Beach experiences. The water is almost transparent and crystal clear. Many reviewers said that these activities are a must-do on this beach.

To get there, you might have to pay a little for a truck service since the road is very rough terrain. A personal car is not recommended at all. Alternatively, some rent a motorbike and drive there themselves. However, we can ensure that it will be very challenging. It takes about 15 minutes to get to the beach.


Is that Nui Beach is only 10 minutes drive away from our VIP Thailand’s VIP MERCURY and VIP Galaxy projects.

So do not hesitate to take a look at our projects and capture this amazing opportunity to have a small paradise as your backyard.

Since the buyer of our project will receive up to 10 years visa with multiple entries.

You can visit this wonderful hidden gem beach as much as you like!

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