Nexus Block Group has invested heavily in the VIP THAILAND property project

On September 23, at the global launch conference of VIP GALAXY, VIP THAILAND and Nexus Block International Group signed a strategic cooperation ceremony. Nexus Block Group will invest 20 million dollars to purchase a property project developed by VIP THAILAND. This is only the first phase of investment in the cooperation between the two parties, and there will be closer cooperation in the later period. Thanks the Nexus Block Group and many owners for their high recognition of VIP THAILAND, we will continue to bring you the expectations and work hard to create more and better projects for everyone!

Since the beginning of this year, the renminbi has accelerated its depreciation, and domestic house prices have seen a “price cut”. Coupled with the impact of the Sino-US trade war and the Fed’s interest rate hikes on the stock market, China’s stock market has been sluggish, prompting high net worth and the new middle class to strengthen their allocation to overseas properties. Thailand, which is in a stage of rising economic stability, has become the target of many domestic investors! The Chinese have become the biggest protagonist of investment in Thailand. And this group will continue to expand and the quality of real estate resources will be less and less.

VIP THAILAND recently launched VIP GALAXY in Phuket, which have a rental for 10 years, at 1th-3th years, the hotel will charter and fixed return up to 7%; at 4th-10th years, the hotel still charter, but the rental income will be split 40-60 between hotel and the owner; Luxuriously furnished and provided with a VIP butler service. It provides a convenient overseas travel and living service while ensuring the benefits of the owners. VIP GALAXY is one of the few villas on Phuket that can be individually held and has a permanent property. After the global conference, VIP GALAXY received many customers’ consultation and purchase, which was loved by investors from all walks of life.