Create the ultimate living experience, upgrade the public facilities

As a real estate developer deeply in Phuket, VIP THAILAND adheres to the business philosophy of “only for a better life” and always pays attention to the quality of the project and the living experience of the owner. In order to make the VIP MERCURY get a more comfortable, relaxed and convenient island living atmosphere after delivery, the design team repeated communication and adjustment about the quality of water garden and lobby. Then upgrade the plan. We strive to create a high-end boutique island holiday product with more holiday atmosphere and more residential experience with all-round exquisite design.

The VIP MERCURY upgrade plan was responsible by the VIP GALAXY Design Team–Oracle Architects.
As the top design team in Thailand, Oracle Architects has been optimized on the concept of the original design team. The design concept is based on the island forest. The curve is used to blend the lobby with the green plant to make the building and the natural environment more harmonious.

The VIP MERCURY five-star hotel lobby is equipped with a variety of restaurants, clubs, entertainment centers, infinity pools, sky bars and other facilities to make the owners enjoy convenient living.

New upgrade to the community water system
VIP THAILAND builds with architectural art standards.

The plot ratio of VIP MERCURY is only 1.9, which is the best testimony to upgraded the community water system by architectural art standard. No matter a tree, a flower, or a grass of the water system, even the end of each water flow, which is releasing the beautiful life of Phuket.

VIP MERCURY’s new garden water system will have a cascading pool, fountain pool, children’s water park and multi-purpose swimming pool. The total planned area is about 2,000 square meters. This is an unprecedented large-scale water resort in Phuket!

This new upgrade will enhance the living experience to the extreme. VIP MERCURY will become a model of resort property and become a first-line hotel brand in Phuket! VIP THAILAND is creating new milestones and will continue to make unremitting efforts to create a better life!